Friday, August 26, 2011

Spring Flowers in the Fall?

Another fad Friday is upon us! That also means another weekend! Although with Irene rearing her ugly head up the coast I don't know how much of a weekend I will be having...

Now in order to off-set this gray weather we are going to be having this week's trend is...Floral Print!
 These days you can't flip through a fashion or gossip magazine without seeing some sort of floral print on display. Whether it be a random model gracing the pages or a reality TV socialite (who somehow is considered "famous"), no matter their personality, it seems everyone is wearing floral this summer.

 Now I have never considered myself a girly girl, however I can't shake this recent obsession with all things floral print! I love it and I know this is going to be one trend I will never get sick of. It all started with this skirt (below) that I bought at forever 21 before jetting off to Italy

I wore it constantly with many different tops. From jet black American Apparel leotards to ruffled white tank tops. It might be my favorite item I bought this summer...

I love the thought of pairing some of my more intense clothing (leather jackets, combat boots...) with a soft floral print to offset it. Its a perfect mix of my different personalities!

Now onto some floral items I have found recently and can't help but drool over. 

1) Forever 21 Leatherette Ankle Boots- $24.80
Could these be anymore perfect!? Leather + Floral Print = a very happy Carly

2) Urban Outfitters Ricky Business Sunglasses-$10.00
Different color floral print then the one's on the website...urban outfitters doesn't let you save photos

3) Marc By Marc Jacobs Lou Lou Floral Dress- $398
I think I just died and went to Marc heaven <3
I personally believe that the fall weather calls for bright floral prints to keep everyone in a good mood!
So what do you think? Floral print done after the hot summer nights end or can I bring these beautiful pieces into the New England fall?


  1. I think if florals are teamed with some knitwear and ankle boots like the ones in the post, then it'd be wonderful, I'm always a fan of floral :D

  2. I definitely like to mix it up with floral prints sometimes!

  3. I love floral items even in fall, and like so much the boots!