Monday, August 6, 2012

I think...

I think I've lost my touch with this. I keep saying I'm going to come back but I just keep losing interest.

I do have a tumblr though...check it out if you want to see me post every once in a while. Its mostly pictures mixed with my inner thoughts that I'm afraid to say out loud.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Back in The Swing of Things

I apologize for the delay in posting! I am finally settled into my house at school with 6 of my best friends and enjoying every second of it. I am back into classes and finding that I have more work then ever before! 
This year is going to be crazier then I thought so posting is going to be much more spread out then it was over the summer.

Anyways, I want to take this post back to talk about my girl crush of the month!

Minka Kelly!

"I got teased a lot because I had a unibrow and I dressed like a boy. By the time I got to high school, I had made friends with some of the toughest girls, and I started to blend in. I started to talk with a mexican accent. Also, I wore the really back liquid eyeliner and brown lip liner with the light inside"

With all of the commercials and press coverage for Charlie's Angels I can't help but notice just how gorgeous and classy this girl is. 

I first heard about Ms.Kelly when my sister started watching Friday Night Lights obsessively. This girl radiates natural beauty and grace! 

So on this rainy day I grace you with my favorite pictures of this young starlet...enjoy!

Isn't she amazing? I hope that Ms.Kelly is around for a long time! 

Sorry this is such a short post..I have to work on a project :( Hope you all are having a good fall so far! xo

Friday, September 2, 2011

Seeing Spots

Welcome to our THIRD Fad Friday! Hopefully I can remember to keep this up back at school. I go back Sunday!!!!! Couldn't be more excited to get back to classes, my friends, and a beautiful New England fall. 

Anyways, for this fad Friday I want to talk about....POLKA DOTS!

 I absolutely LOVE this trend! 

Polka dots are the perfect design to add a little something to a boring shirt, dress, pair of shorts or heels. They can also be funky, classy and fun all at the same time.

The perfect trend. 

I have a feeling we are going to be seeing a lot of polka dots in the fall and I couldn't be happier. 

Now as usual for Fad Friday, here are some of my favorite polka dot items.

Perfect size, perfect gold chain, perfect bag

So fun, looks great under a plain skirt

I couldn't be more obsessed with this dress...
Now I realize most of these items are from Europe and not very reasonably priced but I love them! I hope this is a trend that will last for a long long time. I plan on buying many items of polka dot clothing, accessories etc for the fall <3

What do you think of the polka dot trend? Which of the 3 items above is your favorite?

*Writers note: I just want to thank everyone who has been commenting and reading my posts! When i started this I never imagined that people would actually like what I write and be loyal readers. It makes my day when I get comments so thank you so much to everyone who keeps reading and commenting! I really really appreciate all of them xo

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ronald Mcdonald

I have a confession to make. I'm RED JEANS

Send me to Colored Denim Anonymous, please!?

The other day over dinner i told my stepmom about my new obsession. Her response: "oh wow..."

*sigh* exactly what I expect. 
But enough is enough with caring what other people think! Isn't that what fashion is all about? So I took my butt down to the nearest mall and purchased a gorgeous pair of J Brand "Shockingly Pink" jeans!

I'm in love. <3 <3 <3 <3 

The only problem is, what do you wear with shocking red pants!?
Any suggestions? What do you think of red jeans? Love it or leave it?

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Girl Crush of the Week

Every girl, whether you are into fashion or not, has a girl crush. Don't deny it...we all know its true. That one girl (model, actress, singer, or even some girl in your morning lecture) whose style and attitude is just enviable. 

Mine seems to change every week...

This week it is the always gorgeous Anne Hathaway!

Love love love her

"I look my best after an entire hair and makeup team has spent hours perfecting me. When do I feel my best? When I haven't looked in a mirror for days, and I'm doing things that make me happy." -Anne Hathaway

I have always loved Anne. Growing up movies like The Princess Diaries and The Devil Wears Prada were some of my favorites. In both movies she showed that you could be beautiful and smart! I think she is one of few actresses in our time that has it all, brains, beauty and talent! (I can't wait to see her in One Day!)

Yesterday being stuck inside because of Irene I couldn't turn away from the marathon of The Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo (I officially have to meet her someday). In one episode they had lunch with Anne and she was as adorable as you would imagine. So personable and fun and GORGEOUS!!

So today I grace you with some of my favorite pictures of Ms. Hathaway!

Everyday Anne even looks amazing

Might be my favorite picture of her ever

I think she is truly flawless and always classy. So for this week I obsess over Anne and all of her gorgeous, talented glory! Who knows who next weeks girl crush will be...

Whose your girl crush for the week (life/month/day)? Do you like Ms. Hathaway?

Friday, August 26, 2011

Spring Flowers in the Fall?

Another fad Friday is upon us! That also means another weekend! Although with Irene rearing her ugly head up the coast I don't know how much of a weekend I will be having...

Now in order to off-set this gray weather we are going to be having this week's trend is...Floral Print!
 These days you can't flip through a fashion or gossip magazine without seeing some sort of floral print on display. Whether it be a random model gracing the pages or a reality TV socialite (who somehow is considered "famous"), no matter their personality, it seems everyone is wearing floral this summer.

 Now I have never considered myself a girly girl, however I can't shake this recent obsession with all things floral print! I love it and I know this is going to be one trend I will never get sick of. It all started with this skirt (below) that I bought at forever 21 before jetting off to Italy

I wore it constantly with many different tops. From jet black American Apparel leotards to ruffled white tank tops. It might be my favorite item I bought this summer...

I love the thought of pairing some of my more intense clothing (leather jackets, combat boots...) with a soft floral print to offset it. Its a perfect mix of my different personalities!

Now onto some floral items I have found recently and can't help but drool over. 

1) Forever 21 Leatherette Ankle Boots- $24.80
Could these be anymore perfect!? Leather + Floral Print = a very happy Carly

2) Urban Outfitters Ricky Business Sunglasses-$10.00
Different color floral print then the one's on the website...urban outfitters doesn't let you save photos

3) Marc By Marc Jacobs Lou Lou Floral Dress- $398
I think I just died and went to Marc heaven <3
I personally believe that the fall weather calls for bright floral prints to keep everyone in a good mood!
So what do you think? Floral print done after the hot summer nights end or can I bring these beautiful pieces into the New England fall?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Red Hot

Red Hot

Boredom has gotten the best of me on this rainy day. I have discovered the wonder that is Polyvore.

Highly suggest everyone make an account on there and start creating their own "sets". I haven't been this fascinated by a website since the day I got a facebook...I could spend days on this site. It allows you to create sets of your dream outfits and tells you where you can buy the pieces...its so dangerous and so wonderful at the same time.

I NEED this outfit. I love red bottoms, shorts, skirts, pants, you name them I love them! My favorite part of the outfit however is the top which i Have now ordered for myself from :) Although I have to admit after looking at it for a while I'm not sure I love the blazer with the outfit anymore...thoughts?

Heres to hoping the sun comes out so I can actually wear a cute outfit out the door today!