Thursday, August 25, 2011

Red Hot

Red Hot

Boredom has gotten the best of me on this rainy day. I have discovered the wonder that is Polyvore.

Highly suggest everyone make an account on there and start creating their own "sets". I haven't been this fascinated by a website since the day I got a facebook...I could spend days on this site. It allows you to create sets of your dream outfits and tells you where you can buy the pieces...its so dangerous and so wonderful at the same time.

I NEED this outfit. I love red bottoms, shorts, skirts, pants, you name them I love them! My favorite part of the outfit however is the top which i Have now ordered for myself from :) Although I have to admit after looking at it for a while I'm not sure I love the blazer with the outfit anymore...thoughts?

Heres to hoping the sun comes out so I can actually wear a cute outfit out the door today!


  1. Perfect outfit, love it!

    Helen, X